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  Volume 1, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2015
Original Article
Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding Malaria Prevention
    Amar Taksande, Bharati Taksande, Rewat Meshram, Amol Lohakare, Aishwarya Jadhav  
A Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Cases of Leptospirosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Saba Mohammed Mansoor, Kumar Hemant, Poojari  
Comparison between Childhood and Adult Tuberculosis in Kollam District Tuberculosis Centre: A Retrospective Study
    Shilpa K., Amit R. Ugargol  
A Review on Kala Azar
    Athirarani M. R., Premini S.  
Review Article
Drug Resistant Tuberculosis; Threats , Challenges and Control Strategies in India
    Shubhada Sunil Avachat  
Strengthening Dengue Sentinel Surveillance: The Need of the Hour
    Suneela Garg, Archana Ramalingam, Naveen Prabhu J.  
Poliomyelitis Post-Eradication Issues: Time to Finish
    Vikas Bhatia, Swayam P. Parida  
Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination: Another Feather in the Cap for India
    Bratati Banerjee, Rupsa Banerjee  
Nutritional issues in HIV/AIDS: An Overview of Reviews to Inform Evidence
    Nisha Rani Jamwal, Kumar Senthil P.  
Pain in people with HIV/AIDS: An Update
    Nisha Rani Jamwal, Kumar Senthil P.