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  Volume 7, Number 3, October-December  2021
Original Article
Comparing Ultrasound applanation Biometry and Partial Coherence Interferometry, for Axial length Measurement and Intra ocular lens Power Calculation: A Randomized Clinical Trial
    Arun Kumar Sharma1, Preeti Singh2, Gaurav Kumar3, Vishal Katiyar4, Siddharth Agrawal5, Sanjiv Kumar Gupta  |
Efficacy of Citicoline as an Adjuvant to Patching in Unilateral Amblyopia
    Salil Kumar1, Poorva Shrivastava2, Lalit Shrivastava  |
Review Article
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Dry Eye in Patients Above 40 Years of Age at a Tertiary Centre
    Sharavan G Masurkar1, Ramesh C Hulakund2, Anupama C Shetkar3, Jay Singh B N4, Salma Sultana5, Shishir K N6  |