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  Volume 4, Number 1, January - March 2018
Original Article
Bypass Assisted Beating Heart Mitral Valve Replacement for Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease with Moderate Left Ventricular Dysfunction: A Surgical Experience
    Ravikrishnan J.1, Shaffeek A.2  |  DOI:
Transverse Split Sternotomy for Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot: Mid Term Results
    Kartik Patel1, Chandrasekaran Ananthanarayanan2, Pankaj Garg3, Vaibhav Jain4, Parth Solanki5, Ketav Lakhia6, Vijay Gupta7, Sanjay Patel8  |  DOI:
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Socioeconomic Status: A Cross Sectional Study of Children and Adolescents from Western India
    Nikhila Pachani1, Gajendra Dubey2, Komal H. Shah3, Dhaval Doshi4  |  DOI:
Dor’s Surgery for Left Ventricular Aneurysm: Clinical Study
    Kalyane Ravikumar Nagashetty1, Bagale Kailash K.2, Seetharaman Rakesh3, Kamalapurkar Giridhar4  |  DOI:
Comparison of Limus- Eluting stents vs. Paclitaxel Eluting Stents in Diabetic & Non-Diabetic Patients: Short Term Results
    Jayesh Prajapati1, Ranjeet More2, Pooja Vyas3, Iva Patel4  |  DOI:
Lipoprotein A as an Independent Risk Factor of Coronary Artery Disease in Western Indians
    Seema Sharma1, Pranav Sharma2  |  DOI:
Does ‘Micro Ventilation’ during Cardio Pulmonary Bypass Help in Improving Oxygenation in the Immediate Postoperative Period after Cardiac Surgery?
    Kalyane Ravikumar Nagashetty1, Sarojam Austin Rajagopal2, Seetharaman Rakesh3  |  DOI:
Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Masquerading as Malignancy: A Clinical Dilemma-Case Report
    P.M. Ponoth1, A.J. Ruturi2, S.N.K. Waweru3, S.K. Panchal4, A.K. Gikonyo5, A.W. Kanyua6, O.A Morara7  |  DOI:
Intraluminal Papaverine Injection in LIMA Pedicle: Does it improve LIMA flow?
    Bagale Kailash K.1, Kalyane Ravikumar Nagashetty2, Seetharaman Rakesh3  |  DOI:
Case Report
Myxomatous Tricuspid Valve
    Debasish Das1, Nishant Debta2, Manas Ranjan Mohapatra3  |  DOI:
Subacute Infective Endocarditis of Aortic Valve with Ascending Aorta Aneurysm Caused by Enterococcus Durans : A Case Report and Review of the Literature
    Vipul M. Patel1, Bhavin Kapadiya2, Rasmit Pandya3  |  DOI:
Arrythmoenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
    Debasish Das1, Ramachandra Barik2  |  DOI: