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  Volume 3, Number 2, July - December 2016
Original Article
Role of Telemedicine in Tele-Ward Rounds
    Chittoria R.K.*, Konda Sireesha**, Bibilash B.S.**, Friji M.T.***, Mohapatra D.P.***, Dineshkumar S.***  |  DOI:
Determination of Threshold Odor Limit of Formalin for Occupational Health in Laboratory
    Annu Goel*, Jaya Sharma*, Ishaq Ahmad*, Firoz Ahmad*, Pratima Akolkar**  |  DOI:
Utility of Tele-Education in Plastic Surgery
    Chittoria R.K.*, Senthil Kumaran M.**, Pandey S.**, Friji M.T.***, Mohapatra D.P.***, Dinesh Kumar S.***  |  DOI:
Evaluation of Vitamin-D Level in Patients of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Its Clinical Correlation
    Bal Kishan Gupta*, Shyam Lal Meena**, Meghraj Saini***, Hardeva Ram Nehara**, Makkhan Lal Saini***, Jigyasa Gupta****  |  DOI:
Biochemical Study of Antioxidant Enzymes and Oxidative Stress among Pesticide Sprayers
    Brijendra Pratap Mishra*, Sajjan Lal Verma**, Z.G. Badade***, Lingidi Jhansi Lakshmi****  |  DOI:
Occlusal Splints Used in Prosthetic Management of TMJ Disorders
    Ahmad Naeem*, Verma A.K.**, Ali Mariyam***, Katiyar Pratibha*, Gaur Abhishek*, Agarwal Anant****  |  DOI:
Review Article
Evaluation and Interpretation of Lipid Profile Based on the National Cholesterol Education Programme Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines
    Mallick Ayaz K.*, Marya Ahsan**  |  DOI:
Ebola Virus Disease
    Nadeem Ahmad*, Rubeena Bano**, Priyanka Singh***  |  DOI:
Case Report
Sickle cell anemia, Aplastic crisis with Parvovirus B19 Infection
    Muhammad Kamal*, Bakshi S.K.**  |  DOI:
Extrahepatic Portal Vein Obstruction Associated with Turner Syndrome
    Suman Kumar Kotwal*, Shalija Kotwal**, Abhinav Raina***, J.B Singh*, Swati Sharma****, Annil Mahajan*****  |  DOI:
Diagnosis: Identification of Problems or Problems in Identification?
    Senthil P. Kumar*, Chandan Kumar**, Senthil Kumar Elumalai***  |  DOI:
Tight Pant Syndrome: An Insight To Physios
    Tabassum Zia*, Murali Sivanandam**  |  DOI:
Letter to Editor
Role of 3D Image Magnifier Screen in Plastic Surgery Practice
    Chittoria R.K.*, Pandey S.**, Mohapatra D.P.***, Friji M.T.***, Dinesh K.S.***  |  DOI:
Patient Designed Indigenous Leg Elevation Device (LED)
    Chittoria R.K.*, Sudhanva H.K.**, Pandey S.**, Mohapatra D.P.***, Friji M.T.***, Dinesh K.S.***  |  DOI: