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  Volume 3, Number 1, Jan-Jun 2016
Original Article
Unearthing Evidence from the Holy Grail: What does Quantitative Analysis of Articles in PubMed Implicate Medicine and Health Sciences?
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**  |  DOI:
How Silent is the Silent Killer Hypertension?: A Study of Blood Pressure and its Components as Predictors of Geriatric Mortality in A Tertiary Care Hospital
    Gautam D.K.*, Mohapatra S.C.**, Gambhir I.S.***, Tiwary N.K.****, Yadav S.K.*****, Kumar N.*, Kumar C.******  |  DOI:
Reporting of Knowledge and Awareness: A Systematic Review and Quantitative Analysis of Research Publications in Palliative Care Journals
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**  |  DOI:
Evaluation of Clinical Predictors and Prognostic Indicators of Acute Renal Failure Caused by Different Plasmodium Species in Hospitalized Adult Patients in North West Zone of Rajasthan, India
    Bal Kishan Gupta*, Anjli Gupta**, Shyam Lal Meena***, Rahul Borhade****, Hardev Ram Nehra***, Lalit Mohan Singaria*****  |  DOI:
Estimation of Existing Research: A Quantitative Exploratory Evidence Synthesis of Analyses of Nursing Journals
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**, Asir John Samuel***, Eva Chris****  |  DOI:
Career Choices of Medical Students at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Telangana State
    Nishat Ahmed Sheikh*, Karuna Sree**  |  DOI:
Evidence for Analysis of Authorship in Journals: An Interpretative Quantitative Synthesis
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**  |  DOI:
Review Article
Tocotrienols as Potential Therapeutic Supplement
    B.P. Mishra*, Z.G. Badade**, Bhupinder Kaur Anand***, L. Jhansi Lakshmi****, Sapna Jaiswal*****  |  DOI:
All About Vitamins and Its Role in Oral Health
    Ahmad Naeem*, Tiwari Arun Kumar**, Tiwari Aanshika***, Srivastav Ankita***, Nadeem Ahmad****, Rubeena Bano*****  |  DOI:
Case Report
Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx
    Angshuman Dutta*, Aditya Bhargava**, Sabarigirish K.***, Sanjeev Saxena*, Vikram M.****  |  DOI:
Electrical Storm: A case report and review of literature
    Bakshi S.K.*, Mian Nasiruddin**  |  DOI: