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  Volume 1, Number 1, January - June 2014
Original Article
Efficacy of Patellar Taping and Drop Squats Training Programme to Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome for Female Athletes
    Senthilkumar Thiyagarajan  
PubMed as an Altar of Science: Status of Current Evidence through a Quantitative Synthesis of Articles from 1970-2010
    Senthil P. Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia, K. Vijaya Kumar  
Review Article
History, Technology of Internet and its Impact on Public Health
    Gupta SN, Gupta Naveen, Gupta Shivani  
Developing Evidence-Based Medicine and Healthcare in Developing Countries: Role of Indian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
    Senthil P. Kumar, Prabha Adhikari, P.S. Jeganathan  
Craniosacral Therapy for Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Critical Review
    Vaishali K, Jayashanker Tedla, Kamalakshi Bhat, Senthil P Kumar, Vaishali Sisodia  
Letter to Editor
Gender Differences and Pulmonary Function Tests
    Pradeep Nahar, Swati Shah, A.N. Kowale, U.S. Zingade, Savita Vaidya