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  Volume 8, Number 2, Apr-Jun 2015
Original Article
Prevalence of Oral Habits and its Effect in Primary Dentition among Sudanese Preschool Children in Khartoum City
    Mai I. Omer*, Amal H. Abuaffan**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.1
A Clinical Trial to Evaluate Efficacy of a Dentifrice Containing Sodium Fluride & 8% Strontium Acetate, Strontium Acetate (in Herbal Base) and two Herbal Dentifrices in Reducing Dentinal Hypersensitivity
    Sonia Sood Datta*, Pankaj Datta**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.2
Review Article
Pathobiology of Vital and Non Vital Canals in Endodontics
    Prashanth Kumar Katta  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.4
Cinnamon: A Miracle Tree in Dentistry
    Akhilanand Chaurasia  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.5
Current Status of All-Ceramic Systems in Esthetic Dentistry
    Pankaj Datta*, Sonia S. Datta**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.3
Case Report
Endodontic Management of Radix Entomolaris along with Type II Mesial Canal Configuration of Mandibular First Molar Using CBCT
    Seema Yadav  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.6
Classical Gigantiform Ameloblastoma
    Akhilanand Chaurasia  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.7
A Case of Pulmonary Artery Stenosis
    Khan S., Datta K., Das I., Mittal D.  
Prosthodontic Journal Literature: Its Contribution to Evidence-Based Prosthodontic Dentistry
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.8