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  Volume 6, Number 3, July - September 2013
Original Article
Prevalence of Root Canal Morphology in Maxillary Premolars of Northern Part of Karnataka State, India: An In-Vitro Study
    Geeta S. Hiremath, Balaram Naik  
Slide Designing by “Microsoft Power Point Software” in a Dental School of Iran
    Majid Akbari  
Review Article
Role of Nutrition in Geriatric Patients: A Review
    Eram Perwez, Rizwana Mallick, Rana Noor, Shabina Sachdeva  
Control and Conquer…!!!
    Nagarathna D.V., Wavhal P.S.  
Dentin Hypersensitivity: An Engima
    Shushant K. Garg, Sandeep Garg, Sanjeev Mittal, Kusum Yadav  
Conscious Sedation: An Integral Part of Dentistry
    Anika Mittal, Shilpa Khullar, Jai Hans Aggarwal, Bhupesh Gupta  
Case Report
Biological Approach for Management of Uncomplicated Crown Fracture of an Anterior Tooth: A Case Report
    S. Sharma, P. Datta, S. Sood  
Skull Bone Metastasis from Carcinoma of Oral Cavity
    Sanjay Singh, K.K. Singh, Harish Saluja