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  Volume 6, Number 2, July-December 2019
Original Article
Effects of Different Combination of Drought QTLs and their Physiological Response Under Controlled Moisture Stress Condition
    K Baghyalakshmi1, S Ramchander2, P Jeyaprakash3, M Raveendran  |  DOI:
A Comparative Study of Consumer Preference Towards Chocolates Brands in Jammu City
    SP Singh1, Tanya Gupta2, Anil Bhat3, Ashish Kumar Isher4, Sabbey Sharma5  |  DOI:
Volume and Yield Model for Ailanthus (Ailanthus Excelsa) Grown in Cauvery Delta Zone of Tamil Nadu, India
    A Balasubramanian1, CN Hari Prasath2, M Sureshkrishnan3  |  DOI:
Agro-Climatic Influence on Seed Characterisation and Kernel Powder Yield in Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica L.)
    CN Hari Prasath1, A Balasubramanian2, S Radhakrishnan3  |  DOI:
Comparaitive Growth Performance of Gum Yielding Tree Species Cultivated Under Drip Irrigation in Farmlands
    CN Hari Prasath1, A Balasubramanian2, S Radhakrishnan3, M Sivaprakash4  |  DOI:
Probablity Analysis of Annual Daily Maximum Rainfall at Ahmednagar Tahsil
    Ravindra Bansod  |  DOI:
Review Article
Effect of Heavy Metals on Soil, Plants, Animal and Human Health and it’s Sustainable Management: An Overview
    AS Yadav1, AK Srivastava2, Sanjay Arora3  |  DOI:
Biochar: A Way to Combat Climate Change by Improving Soil Health
    Neeshu Joshi1, Varsha Gupta2, Shourabh Joshi3, HP Parewa4  |  DOI: