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  Volume 5, Number 1, January - June 2017
Original Article
Drug Utilization Review of Anticancer Drugs in Medical Oncology Department of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Rajanandh M.G.*, Suresh S.**, Suganya K.***, Vidhyalakshmi T.***, Sudharsan M.***, Thamilselvi S.***  |  DOI:
Weekly Versus Three-Weekly Cisplatin in Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Head and Neck Squamous Cancers: A Prospective Study
    Najah Mohamed Nizam*, Krishna Sharan**, Anshul Singh***, Prahlad H. Yathiraj***, S. Anusha Reddy****, Donald J. Fernandes*****, M.S. Vidyasagar*****  |  DOI:
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Cervical Cancer & Screening among Female Staff of Medical Institute in Karnataka
    Padmaja Kulkarni*, Anita P. Javalgi**, Vijayalakshmi S. Patil**  |  DOI:
Cytological Grading of Breast Carcinoma on FNAC & Correlation with Histological Grading on Excised Specimen
    Neethu G.V.*, Bargir Umair Ahmed N.A.**, Hiremath S.S.***, Patil S.B.***  |  DOI:
Clinical Profile and Therapy of Hepatocelluar Carcinoma at a Tertiary Care Institute from South India: A Retrospective Study of 182 Patients
    Venkatesh M.*, Kannan T.**, Subbarao***, Bhargavi D.****, Ananth Pai****  |  DOI:
Case Report
Adrenocortical Tumours in Children: An Emphasis on Histological Scoring System
    Vadlamudi Swathi*, Vardendra G. Kulkarni**, Prakash Kumar***  |  DOI:
Carcinoma Oesophagus with Subcutaneous Metastasis
    Tanvi Singh*, Virendra Bhandari**, Amit Verma***, Shweta Kaushik*  |  DOI:
Hypoxia-Inducible Factors: Novel Molecular Target Remains to be Explored as Anticancer Agent in Advanced Human Cancers
    Thekkuttuparambil A. Ajith  |  N/A