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  Volume 6, Number 3, Sep-Dec 2018
Original Article
Severe Acute Malnutrition with Anemia and Vitamin Deficiency in Hospitalized Children: Two Centres Cross Sectional Study
    Sunil Kumar Rao1, Dhilip Kumar2, Rakesh Kumar3, Abhishek Abhinay4  |  DOI:
The Prevalence of Anemia and Severity in Tribal Versus Non-Tribal School Going Children of Mysore District, India
    Manjunath V.G.1, Nabeel Abdul Kareem2, Jagadish Kumar K.3  |  DOI:
Thrombocytopenia after Phototherapy for Indirect Hyperbilirubinemia among Breastfed Term and Preterm Neonates
    Jayendra R. Gohil1, Chirag D. Gilitwala2, Sonal V. Jindal3  |  DOI:
Evaluation of Risk Factors and Prevalence of Bronchial Asthma in Children of North Karnataka Population
    Mujumdar V.G.1, Preeti B. Amarkhed2, Arunkumar Huddar Tallur3, Rumana Sultana4 Bapurao S. Kanti5  |  DOI:
Outcome of Convulsive Status Epilepticus in Children: A Cross Sectional Study
    Rajniti Prasad1, Sujoy Saha2, Ashish Verma3, Om Prakash Mishra4, Utpal Kant Singh5, Tej Bali Singh6, Ankur Singh7  |  DOI:
Case Report
A Rare Entity in a Common Condition - Congenital Tyrosinemia Type 1
    Nandish H.R.1, Sushma Keshav2, Santosh Kondekar3, Surbhi Rathi4, DeepikaTiwari5  |  DOI: