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  Volume 6, Number 2, May - August  2018
Original Article
Effect of HAART on the Anthropometric Parameters and CD4 counts in HIV/AIDS Affected Children
    Ritu Rakholia1, Meher Bano2, Vineeta Rawat3  |  DOI:
A Comparative Study Based Grading of Malnutrition by WHO Z Score and IAP Classification
    Sanjeev Suman1, Sonal Vyas2, Swati Raipurkar3  |  DOI:
Clinical Predictors of Metabolic Acidosis in Hospitalized Children of 6-60 Months with Severe Acute Malnutrition
    Saurabh Kumar Patel1, Sunil Kumar Rao2, Naresh Bajaj3, Tej Bali Singh4  |  DOI:
Role of Phototherapy in Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
    Amar Taksande1, Rewat Meshram2, Begam Rubia3, Akshi Gandhi4  |  DOI:
Study of The Quality of Life in Children with Chronic Diseases in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Mysuru
    Anitha C.1, Kavya Kurkal2, Santhosh Kumar M.3  |  DOI:
Clinical Profile of Hypoxic- Ischemic Encephalopathy in Neonates with Birth Asphyxia in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in Central India
    Kher Anjali M.1, Singh Kuldeep2, Vagha Jayant3  |  DOI:
Estimation Early Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia Utilizing 24-hour Serum Bilirubin Level at Bhuj, Kutch
    Arun Parikh1, Abhikumar Shingala2  |  DOI:
Spectrum of Acute Kidney Injury and its Clinical Profile and Outcome in Children Admitted to PICU
    Basavaraj Patil1, Savita Patil2, Harsha S.3  |  DOI:
Survival and Major Morbidity Pattern of Preterm Infants Admitted in a Level -3NICU: A Retrospective Study
    N. Venugopalan1, Salahudeen2, Pavan Kumar D.3, Vidya Singaravelu4, Manoj Narayanan K.A.5  |  DOI:
Long Term Outcome of Treated Posterior Urethral Valve Patients at a Tertiary Care Center
    Neha Agarwal1, Neeraj Agarwal2, Megha Agarwal3  |  DOI:
Clinical Correlates of Working Memory Deficits in School Going Children with and Without ADHD in Ahemdnagar
    Prajakta Ghatage1, Sunil Mhaske2, Ramesh Kothari3, Ganesh Misal4  |  DOI:
Craniofacial Anthropometric Measurement of Full Term Newborns in Tertiary Care Hospital
    Punam Uke1, Akash Daswaney2, Sam Rodrigues3, Sonal Gore4, Amar Taksande5  |  DOI:
Paediatric Museum-An innovative Teaching-Learning Method
    Sunil Mhaske1, Prajakta Ghatage2, Ramesh Kothari3  |  DOI:
Screening of School Children for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder using Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Teacher Rating Scale
    Jayendra R. Gohil1, Mrigank N. Gupta2, Shruti U. Patel3, Shreya A. Patel4  |  DOI:
Rebound Hyperbilirubinaemia Following Intensive Phototherapy
    Basavaraj M. Patil1, Harsha A. Sangolgikar2  |  DOI:
Review Article
Rotavirus Vaccine
    Sunil Mhaske1, Vineetranjan Gupta2  |  DOI:
Case Report
Neonatal Head Injury as a Potential Etiology for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Santosh Kondekar1, Amit Rudrakar2, Sharan Subramanian3, Surbhi Rathi4  |  DOI: