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  Volume 6, Number 1, Jan-Apr 2018
Original Article
Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion Practice in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    Kalwani Abhishek1, Meshram R.J.2, Taksande Amar3  |
To Assess the Magnitude of Physical, Reproductive and Psychological Health Problems during Menstruation among Adolescent Girls of Urban Slums
    Aditi Gothi1, Nilesh Gothi2  |
Accuracy of Physical Examination for Diagnosing Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Congenital Heart Disease Children
    Akshi Gandhi1, Amar Taksande2  |
Prevalence of Nutritional Deficiencies in Undernourished Hospital Visiting Paediatric Patients
    G. Raju1, Ch. Archana2  |
Mental Health Status of Adolescents Studying in Heritage City of Karnataka, Mysore: A Cross Sectional Observation Study
    Anitha C.1, Santhosh Kumar M.2, Nikitha Shahajahan3  |
Case Report
Digoxin Toxicity in Infant Presenting as 1st degree Heart Block
    Lalit M. Malviya1, Vidya Kumari Saurabh2  |