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  Volume 5, Number 3, Sep-Dec 2017
Original Article
To Study the Clinical Profile and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Bronchial Asthma in Children Aged 6 to 12 Years
    Pankaj Gupta  |
Assessment of the Myocardial Velocity by Tissue Doppler Imaging in Children of Sickle Cell Anemia
    Amar Taksande*, Sonal Gore**, Ayush Shrivastava**, Amol Lohakare***, Rewat Meshram****, Sachin Damke*  |
Spectrum of Nutritional Status: A Cross Sectional Study
    Bhavana Tiwari*, V.K. Tandon**, Gaurav Arya**, Chitra Rani Chauhan**, Rohit Agarwal***, Mukesh Mishra***  |
Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight among 15-45 Years Adolescents & Adults in a Rural Area in Ahmednagar: A Cross Sectional Study
    Sunil Mhaske*, Deepa Kusalkar**, Bipin Rathod***, Thaslima K.***  |
A Study on Maternal Risk Factors and Preterm Neonates
    Divyarani D.C.*, Goudappa R. Patil**  |
Clinical Profile of Late Preterm Neonates at Tertiary Care Hospital
    Goudappa R. Patil*, Divyarani D.C.**  |
Clinical Study of Neonatal Septicemia with Reference to Early Indicators of Sepsis in NICU, PIMS
    Vamshi Krishna Kondle*, T. Clement Manohar**  |
Aetiology and Clinical Profile of Children with Hepatomegaly in Pediatric Age Group
    Ramesh Chittam*, Rudrappa T.C.**, Namrata***, Goutham Reddy***, Pranam G.M.**  |
Treatment Pattern in Children with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Eastern India
    Madhusmita Mishra*, Ratikanta Tripathy**, P.K Panda***, Mirabai Das****, Nirmal Kumar Mohakud*****  |
Review Article
Hexavalent Vaccine
    Sunil Mhaske*, Prajakta Ghatage**, Ninza Rawal**, Ramesh Kothari***  |
Recent Advances and Consensus Based Management Options for Lupus Nephritis in Children
    Varun Anand*, Radha Ghildiyal**, Santosh Kondekar***, Alpana Kondekar***  |
Consent in Paediatrics
    Sunil Mhaske*, Vineetranjan Gupta**, Ramesh Kothari***, Ninza Rawal**  |