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  Volume 2, Number 4, October - December 2014
Original Article
Among Children with Anemia does Presence of Hyperpigmentation as Compare to Absence of Accurately Indicate Vitamin B 12 Deficiency?
    Amar Taksande, Sheetal Nikose, Krishna Vilhekar  
Review Article
Exercises in Treatment of Obesity in Children: Fitness Amidst Fatness: A Special Overview of Reviews
    Senthil P. Kumar  
Childhood Malignancy
    Amar Taksande, Aishwarya Jadhav  
Exercise Therapy for Pediatric Hypertension: An Overview
    Senthil P. Kumar  
Swine Flu in Pediatrics to Adults
    Gupta S.N., Gupta Naveen  
Role of Inactivated Polio Vaccine in Endgame of Polio
    Gupta S.N., Gupta Naveen