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  Volume 2, Number 1, January - March 2014
Original Article
Screening of Neonates for Glucose-6 -Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
    Naik Raviraj R., Chandel Rittu C., Abichandani Leel G.  
Paediatric Twenty
    Sunil Mhaske, Ramesh B. Kothari, Sandeep Deokate, Pavan Suryawanshi, Nishad Patil, Rahul Maski  
A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge, Attitude & Practices towards Prevention of Acute Respiratory Tract Infection among the Mothers of Under-Five Children
    Peerapur S.M.  
Journey from Smoke Free Himachal Pradesh to Tobacco Free to Eco-Friendly Hills of the Adolescent State
    Gupta S.N., Gupta Naveen  
Review Article
Study of Prevalence of Hypertension in School Children Aged 6 to 15 Years in Gulbarga City
    Sharangouda Patil, Roopa Mangshetty, Shridevi S.B.  
Case Report
Atypical Clinical Manifestation in a Child with Vein of Galen Malformation: Case Report
    Amol Gupta, Bhavana Lakhkar  
Methemoglobinemia: A Case Report
    Amol Gupta, Bhavana Lakhkar