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  Volume 1, Number 3, July - September 2013
Original Article
Impact of Mothering on Self Esteem and Adjustment of Adolescents
    Seetha K.P., S. Vinod Kumar  
Amelioration of Oxidant-Antioxidant Stress in Morbid Obese Saudi Children by Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet
    Waleed Albuali  
Review Article
Rabies- A Public Health Perspective: An Update
    N.S.Neki, S.N. Gupta, Maninder Singh  
Case Report
Ambigious Genitalia
    Ramesh B. Kothari, Sunil Mhaske, Gaurav C. Machale, Sandeep Deokate, Nishad Patil, Rahul Maski  
Modified Measles versus Rubella & Tobacco Smoking versus Adolescent Rubella Case Patients
    Gupta S.N., Gupta Naveen