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  Volume 1, Number 2, July-December 2019
Original Article
Perceptions of Students Regarding Structured Oral Examination in Forensic Medicine
    Pragnesh Parmar1, Gunvanti Rathod2  
Comparison of Small Group Discussions and Didactic Lectures in Forensic Medicine
    Lalchand Verma1, Chetan Kumar R2, Anupam Bansal3, VR Patil4, Shaswat S Nagar5  
Forensic Odontology: Knowledge and Awareness Among 2nd Year Medical Students
    Mohit Gupta1, Sanjay Kumar2, Abhishek Yadav3, Manish Kumath4  
Review Article
Medicolegal Autopsy and Post-Mortem Examination in Female Victims of Crime: When and Why
    Vivekanshu Verma1, Mahipal Singh Sankhla2, Rajeev Kumar3, Santosh Kumar Verma4  
Case Report
Post Anesthesia Clumping of Cauda Equine Nerve Roots after Hip Replacement Surgery - Allegation of Medical Negligence: A Case Report and Review
    Arvind Kumar1, Suman Badhal2, Rishabh Kumar Singh3, Rishi Solanki4, Mahesh Kumar5, 6Pankaj Keswani