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  Volume 1, Number 1, Jan-June 2019
Original Article
Effectiveness of Beetroot Juice with Lemon and Beetroot Juice without Lemon on Anemia among Adolescent Girls
    Manveen Kaur Chhabra1, Hardeep Kaur Mal2, Mandeep Kaur3  
Prevalence and Practices of Self-Medication in Urban Population: A Cross Sectional Study in South India
    Hemant Kumar1, Pankajala Amritha Krishna2  
Rehabilitation for Chronic Diseases
    Karthika S.  
Plastic Pollution and Their Impact on Health and Environment
    Choodamani Chandrakar1, Sanjay Shakya2, Anil Patyal3  
Review Article
Impact of Public Private Partnership on Efficacy of Health Care Delivery Services
    Suresh Kumar Ray  
Mental Health and Risk Management of Non Communicable Diseases
    Soumya Jacob P1, Shani T.K.2 Navya Joy3  
Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in India: Current Issues and Challenges
    VT Krishnadas Menon  
Evolution: Mankind with Microbes
    Manjushree L. Arlikar1, Purushottam A. Giri2