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  Volume 5, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2017
Original Article
A Study of Breast Self Examination and Its Association with Selected Demographic Variables among Rural Women
    Saba M. Mansoor, Brig (Dr) Hemant Kumar  |
Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Cancer Esophagus among South Indian Population
    Ibrahim Nagnoor,Poonam Naik, R. Shankar  |
General Health Awareness among the Rural Population of Kannur, North Kerala, India: A Cross Sectional Study
    Thilak S.A.,Sarada A.K.,Sushrit A. Neelopant  |
Medical Professionals at High Risk for Metabolic Syndrome
    Parmendra Sirohi,2 Kailash Garhwal,3 Rajendra Prasad Agrawal,4 Chitresh Chahar   |
Strengthening HIV/AIDS Response: Program Evaluation of India’s Largest Public-Private Partnership Consortium for HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
    Ramesh Reddy Allam.,2 Ganesh Oruganti, 3Chengappa K.U.,4 Naidu C.H.S.,5 Vijay V. Yeldandi  |
Awareness About Tuberculosis Among the Rural Population of Kannur, North Kerala, India: A Community Based Cross Sectional Study
    Thilak S.A.,2Sarada A.K.,3Satheesh B.C.  |
Health Status of Sanitary Workers of Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad City
    Mahajan S.M.,2Pawar K.H.,3Jadhav V.S.,4Magare A.R.  |
Estimation of Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services in Rural Bangalore
    1Narasimha B.C., 2 Ravish K.S.,3 Ranganath T.S., 4 Navyasri S., 5 Sharvanan E.  |
Epidemiological Study of Prevalance and Pattern of Tobacco Use among Rural Population of Kuppam
    1Devika Pandurang Jeeragyal, 2 Sharvanan Eshwaran Udayar,3 Sasidhar M   |
Cross Sectional Study of Prevalnce of Depression and Its Associated Factors among Medical Students in a Teaching Hospital in Karnataka
    Sharvanan E., 2 Ramachandra Kamath,3 Mahesh S.H., 4Shivaraj B.M.,5 Narasimha B.C., 6Jagadeesh  |
Review Article
Dietary Management for Hypertension
    1M. Hemamalini, 2 K. Silambuselvi  |