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  Volume 3, Number 2, July - December 2015
Original Article
Prevalence of Hypertension and its Associated Risk Factors among Secondary School Teachers of Belagavi City
    Agre Deepchand Hirachand, Katti S. M., Mubashir Angolkar, Mallapur M. D.  |  DOI:
Socio-demographic profile of Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis patients
    Neeta P. N., Prashanth N., G Ramaprasad  |  DOI:
An Interventional Study of Health Education Related to Diarrhea, Personal Hygiene, and Environmental Hygiene among Municipal School Children in Navi Mumbai
    Smita R. Jadhav, Rubina M. Patankar, Daksha Pandit  |  DOI:
Tobacco Use among Adults in a Rural Area of Coastal Karnataka
    Muralidhar M. Kulkarni, Ranjitha S. Shetty, Asha Kamath, Veena G. Kamath, Varun N., Ramprasad V. P.  
Updating Income Ranges for the Year 2015: Kuppuswamy’s Socio-Economic Status Scale
    Kiran Epari R., Vijaya K.  |  DOI:
Review Article
Prevention of Acute Respiratory Infections in the Health Care Facilities
    Gaude Gajanan, Nicasia Fernandes, Chaudhury Alisha  |  DOI:
Recent Issues In Vitamin A supplementation in India and Strategies for their Prevention and Control
    Umesh Kapil, Neha Sareen  |  DOI:
Evidence-Based Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Role of Scholarly Biomedical Journals
    Nish Rani Jamwal, Senthil P. Kumar  |  DOI: