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  Volume 2, Number 4, October - December 2011
Original Article
Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and associated risk factors in pregnant women
    Aarushi Gupta  
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding Oral Cancer
    Aayush Gabrani  
Study of Factors Responsible ror Crisis of Sickle Cell Anemia and it’s Medical Management at Dr. P.D.M. Medical College, Amravati (MS)
    Abhishek Shyamsundar Bhadage  
Masseteric metastasis from a case of breast cancer: A rare case report
    Rohan Khandelwal, Sunny Jain, Shweta Singh, Mohit Kadian  
Comparative evaluation of a multiple- antigen (GlcB, HspX, MPT51,Ag 85B and PstS1) based diagnostic protocol versus Polymerase Chain Reaction assays (qRTPCR and gel-based duplex PCR) for Rapid and Efficient diagnosis of childhood tuberculous meningitis.
    Abhishek Mittal  
Study of the Association of Genetic Polymorphisms in Biotransformation Genes (CYP1A1, GST, EPHX1) and TumorSuppressor Gene (p53 codon72) with the Susceptibility to Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Abhishek Mittal  
Death of good, effective method of sterilisation.............time to re-think
    Aditya Aggarwal, Kushagra Maini  
Adequacy of Antenatal Breastfeeding Education in recently delivered Primigravida Mothers
    Aishwarya Deepak Jadhav  
A Profile of bacteremia cases due to MRSA and MSSA
    Akanksha Rajpoot  
Clinico-Microbiological Profile of Keratitis in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Akash Tomer  
Nutritional status of Jenukuruba preschool children in Mysore district, Karnataka
    Allamneni rakesh  
Comparative study of use of social networking sites by medical students & resident doctors and its correlation with perceived social support, social integration and stress management
    Akshaykumar Nana Kamble  
Study of Lipid Profile in Association with Anthropometric Indices in Adult Healthy Individuals in Local Population
    Anand Acharya  
Clinico-social profile and care seeking behaviour of adult tubercular patients : a cross sectional study
    Ankit Kumar Garg  
Factors affecting outcome in patients with skin and soft infections including tropical myositis: a prospective study in a tertiary care hospital
    Ankit luthra  
Bacteriological Profile of Neonatal Septicaemia
    Ankita Bajpai  
Clinical and Microbiological profile of patients presenting with liver abscess to a tertiary care centre- Single and multiple abscesses are amoebic in origin
    Anshula Tayal  
Study of Dhat Syndrome And Myths Associated with it: A Qualitative Descriptive study of 38 individuals suffering from Dhat Syndrome
    Ashish Pundhir  
Variability of V3 loop in gp120 protein of HIV
    Anupam Kanodia  
Prevalence of peripheralvascular disease in patients of diabetes
    Apoorva Gomber  
Morbidity pattern among geriatric population in an old-age home in Mangalore, South India
    Arshiya Aazmi  
Predictors of poor neonatal outcome in babies born with meconium stained liquor
    Anu Jain  
Trend of HIV among Antenatal Women in Coastal Karnataka: A Seven Year Retrospective Study
    Anusha G Bhat  
Non communicable diseases
    Apoorva Reddy B.V.  
m-TOR inhibitors: Potential anti-neoplastic agents for Prostate cancer?
    Abhilash Konkimalla  
A study on renal stone about factors influencing its formation and clinical scenario among adults aged 21-60 years in saurashtra region
    Arpan Chandubhai Patel  
Profile of clients who tested HIV positive at ICTC of KMC, Mangalore
    Aditi Sangwan  
Handgrip strength as a measure of sarcopenia in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus
    Akanksha Agrawal  
Neglected 10 years old case of fracture patella –An interesting lesson to learn
    Ambica Sharma  
The burden of Beta thalassemia in Tribals : A cross sectional study
    Ankit kumar garg  
Qualitative and quantitative dermatoglyphic traits in patients with breast cancer: a prospective clinical study
    Arushi Devgan, Chintamani, Amita Tuteja, Rohan Khandelwal, Megha Tandon, Rahul Bamal, Siddharth Jain, Nikhil Narayan, S. Srinivas, Yeshavant Kumar  
Patient and provider delays in breast cancer patients attending a tertiary care centre: a prospective study
    Arushi Devgan, Chintamani, Amita Tuteja, Rohan Khandelwal, Megha Tandon, Rahul Bamal, Siddharth Jain, Nikhil Narayan, S. Srinivas, Yeshavant Kumar  
Physicians’ knowledge, attitude and behaviour regarding fertility issues for young breast cancer patients
    Arushi Devgan, Chintamani, Amita Tuteja, Rohan Khandelwal, Megha Tandon, Rahul Bamal, Siddharth Jain, Nikhil Narayan, S. Srinivas, Yeshavant Kumar  
Does Socio-Demographic Factors Influence Treatment Seeking Behaviour among Leprosy Patients?
    Ashok Kanuri  
Knowledge and Practices of Diet during Pregnancy among patients attending Ante-natal Care Clinic of Safdarjung Hospital
    Avantika Singh, Krishna Adit Agarwal  
Prediction Model for Low Birth Weight Neonates
    Avantika Singh, Krishna Adit Agarwal  
A study of Non – Compliance by patients of Tuberculosis to DOTS therapy
    Bhavik Shah  
The In-Vitro Effects of Palm Date Extracts on Plasma Haemostatic Variables
    Bushra Fazlullah  
A study to access various factors influencing and awareness about pharmaco/chemorefractory tuberculosis [M/XDR-TB] in tuberculosis patients attending Government hospital of G R Medical College, Gwalior
    Chandrapal Singh Yadav, Sandeep Singh  
Profile and Determinants of mode of transmission among HIV patients on ART treatment at VIMS Bellary, Karnataka.
    Darshini L.M  
Plastics: A Double Edge Sword
    Deepika Ramachandra  
Awareness regarding cervical cancer and its prevention in women attending gynaecological clinic in west Delhi
    Devyani Chawla  
Airborne Infection Control Practices implementation under RNTCP in the era of MDR and XDR TB
    Angad S.Uberoi,Divyansh Bajaj,Kirtipal Singh Bhatia,Malvika Gulati,Pratyaksha Rana  
Post Partum Intrauterine Device Insertion : The Unfinished Agenda
    Sanskriti Priya  
Exploring reasons behind Low acceptance for PPIUCD in postnatal women
    Sanskriti Priya, Amita Tuteja, Pratima Mittal, Rupali Diwan, Jyotsna Suri, Anita Kumar  
GERD, clinical profile and management
    DV Priyanka  
Amniotic band syndrome and/or limb body wall complex: split or lump
    Chhavi Gupta, Priya, Gargy Dash, Joyutpal Biswas  
Heavy Metal Contamination of River Ganges: Detection of Ten Heavy Metals by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
    Ashutosh Kumar Sharma  
I-Gel Vs Lma Proseal Supraglottic Device
    Gaurav Chauhan  
Breast cancer screening : Female doctors attitude and practice in a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi
    Amresh kumar Andilya, Amita Tuteja, Pratima Mittal, Rupali Dewan  
Severe Hypotension During General Anaesthesia In A Patient On Chronic Tamsulosin Therapy
    Gaurav Chauhan  
Evaluation Of Cervico-Vaginal Âhcg Assay And Cervical Length In Prediction Of Pre-Term Delivery In Symptomatic Women
    Divya Sehra  
Obesity and Vitamin D Deficiency in Adoloscents
    Chekuri Mounica  
Comparative Study of Open and Laparoscopic Appendicectomy
    Gautham Adusumilli  
Effect of intraoperative intravenous crystalloid infusion on postoperative nausea and vomiting after disgnostic gynaecological laparoscopy: comparison of 30ml/kg and 10ml/kg and to report the effect of the menustral cycle on the incidence of postoperative
    Gaurav Chauhan  
Apache Scoring Systems: Hospital Mortality And Morbidity Assessment In Acute Abdomen Cases
    Ghazal Tansir, Nikhil Arora, Sabin Dhakal  
Splenic abcess: A case report of an unusual face of sepsis
    Colonel Sudhir Mehrotra, Mayank Mehrotra  
Sibling Motivational Card - A New Initiative for Early Diagnosis in Pediatric Ocular Defects
    Biswajit Dey  
Measurement of psychological dependence of tobacco users among rural population of India
    Dhanpal Singh  
Prevention of progression in Chronic kidney Disease
    Lakshmi Raghava  
Metoclopramide Induced Akathisia
Ipsilateral Horner’s syndrome associated with epidural anaesthesia in a emergency cesarean section
    Gaurav Chauhan  
Intraoperative use of Octreotide for a patient with Carcinoid syndrome
    Gaurav Chauhan  
Breast Cancer
    Faiqah Frotan  
A rare case report on late presenting congenital diaphragmatic hernia and its late recurrence
    Raxith S.R.  
Is Dengue Virus Becoming Neurotropic? - A study on Neurological Manifestations in Dengue Fever
    Elly Varma  
Dieting in female medical college students: Complete withdrawalfrom food as opposed to fat restriction for weight control
The transcription factor HOXC10 is upregulated during chemotherapy treatment and resistance in breast cancer
    Hardik Panday  
Scenario of Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding human papillomavirus Vaccine usage among doctors of VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
    Harshit Khosla  
Diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis by smear, culture and Real time PCR technique in pleural fluid samples
    Heena Rajani  
Validity Of Quantitative Uncentrifuged Urine Microscopy, Centrifuged Deposit Microscopy And Gram Stain In Rapid Diagnosis Of Urinary Tract Infection
    Iman Sajid Khan  
Knowledge And Practices Regarding Biomedical Waste Management Among Health Care Providers In Kasturba Medical College Hospitals Mangalore – A Cross sectional Study
    Iman Sajid Khan  
Clinico-Investigative Profile and Anti-Fungal Susceptibility of Fungemia Cases in Haematological Malignancy Patients
    Isha Agarwal , Malini R Capoor, Ahsaan Hamidi , Ritin Mohindera, D.K. Gupta   
Renal Dysfunction In Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Janaswamy Vibhav Sri Narayana  
Importance Of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width In Indian Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Janaswamy Vibhav Sri Narayana  
An investigation of the microbiological contamination of Ultrasound Probes: Evaluation of cleaning methods to reduce it
    Joynerabraham M  
A Retrospective Study Of High Risk Infants With Special Reference To Congenital Anomalies
    Kosuri Divya Vara Prasad  
A Randomized Controlled Trial to assess the role of Curcumin in patients receiving neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer
    Krishna Adit Agarwal, Avantika Singh  
Perceptions and Preferences of Medical Students Regarding Teaching Methods in a Medical College, Mangalore
    Kriti Lohia  
Estimation of Serum Adenosine Deaminase as a biochemical marker in Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Kushagra Maini, Aditya Aggarwal  
Detection of CTXB Gene by PCR
    K S N Ravi Teja  
A Study of Wearing Apparels for Retrospective Reconstruction of Crime Scene in Homicide
    Janmenjoy Mondal  
Failure of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block- An approach to newer alternatives: A Review
    Harsh Rajvanshi  
Study of Prevalence of Heterophorias in School Children
    Harsha Shekhawat  
Trigger Factors of Migraine Headache In 50 Vishakapatnam Patients
    Husna Nawaz  
Awareness of cervical cancer in reproductive-age group women in rural village, Afzalpur, NCR; and extending cervical cancer education activities in that area
    Kriti Jain  
Outcomes of Early Vs Late Stent Thrombosis Following Drug Eluting Stents Implantation
    Janaswamy Vibhav Sri Narayana  
Correlation Of Clinically Suspected Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) With Reference To Chest Radiograph and Laboratory Parameters in Rural Setup
    Lakhani Dhairya Ajaykumar  
Breast Feeding Practice: In Depth Analysis of Postnatal Women
    Mansi Kumar, Amita Tuteja, Rupali Dewan, Pratima Mittal, Jyotsna Suri, Anita Kumar  
Prevalance Of Iron Deficeint Anemia In Rural School Going Children Of Prepuberty (8-11years Of Age) In Kancheepuram District With Special Emphasis On Its Effect On Growth, Cognition And Behaviour
    M. Thirumalai Vasan  
Acute Pain Service: Initial audit of 200 epidurals in perioperative pain management in a tertiary care centre
    Mayank Mehrotra, Suniti Kale, P S Bhatia, Anoop Raj Gogia, Arushi Devgan  
A prospective study of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE) from a tertiary care referral hospital
    Medhavi Saxena  
Causes of mortality in Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital
    Mohmmad Ahmad Khamis Omar  
Relation Of Variations In Placental Weight To Fetal Birth Weight, Parity And Gender Of The Child
    Nalluru Swarna sri  
A study on perceptions and practices about physical activity among undergraduate medical students
    Neha Ramakrishnan  
Community perceptions of role of social determinants in tuberculosis control in New Delhi: From evidence to action
    Nikhil Agrawal, Shubhankar Shekhar, Ravi Mittal  
Phenotypic Differentiation of BORSA from MRSA: Comparison of Susceptibility testing methods and MRSA Latex Agglutination Test
    Niranjan S  
A Study to assess the attitude towards disaster preparedness among inhabitants of Boloor, Mangalore
    Kavitha Subbarayan  
Gender dimensions in HIV/AIDS: A cross sectional study in a tertiary care hospital
    Ramesh. K, Ramya K, Ranjitha Kulkarni, Meenal Sharma,Tanvi Bhardwaj,Vibha Goswami  
Acute onset breathlessness in pregnancy : A rare cause identified
    Meera Jindal, Pratima Mittal, Amita Tuteja  
Knowledge regarding management of snake envenomation therapy
    Nagareddy Sai Siddarth Reddy  
Medical statistics: understanding basics for medical research
    Nilanjan Chowdhury  
Association of Electrolyte Disturbances with the Type and Severity of the Malarial Parasitic Infection
    Lakhani Dhairya Ajaykumar  
A study of patterns and determinants of junk food consumption among students
    Basavaraj.S, B.Raghavendra, Mahsa Jamil, Kavya.P, Deepa.R, Kavya. G, Kiran. B.  
Risk factors for development of severe sepsis in patients with gram negative bacteremias
Prolongation of post operative analgesia upon addition of Dexamethasone to Etoricoxib ( NSAID ) administered prior to breast surgery
    Mayank Mehrotra, Krishna Adit Agarwal  
Clinical Study Of Common Bileduct Stones With Special Reference To Endoscopic Management
    Navya Reddy. A, Nandeesh M.  
Nosocomial Infections and Drug Susceptibility Patterns in Methicillin Sensitive and Methicillin Resistant S. aureus
    Nitish Kumar Sharma  
Awareness, Attitude and Practice of Pharmacovigilance among Healthcare Professionals and Students in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Parul Chaturvedi  
Avoidable Non-Pathological Factors Delaying The Medical Care And Increasing Mortality And Morbidity In Young Infants
    Ponnapalli Venkata Surya Phani Sastry  
Clinico-morpho pathological profile of breast cancer patients at a tertiary cancer care centre –the significance of finding Indian solutions to Indian problems !
    Chintamani, Pallavi, Megha Tandon, Sunita Saxena  
Assessment of knowledge about sexual related issues among youth of two colleges of Delhi
    Pankaj Kumar Tiwari  
Should routine contrast study be a norm before stoma reversal? A retrospective study of patients with temporary ileostomy after emergency laparotomy
    Praanjal Gupta  
Effect of counselling on breast feeding practices in the rural community, Non Randomized Control Trial
    B. Ragahvendra , Pradyumna, Prashant, Nagaraj, Rishab  
A retrospective study of donor blood availability and patterns of use in a tertiary care teaching hospital
    Naveen Kumar*, Nirmaljeet*, Nayana Raju*, Praveen Dambal*, Praveen Dustakar*, Sagar S V*, T Gangadhar Goud**  
Empowering rural communities for providing comprehensive health care to disadvantaged populations
    Radhika Batra  
Coping With Corticosteroids
    Radhika Batra  
A Cross-Sectional Study On Newborn And Infant Rearing Practices Among Mothers Attending Government Health Services In Coastal South India
    Nithin Kumar, Raghav Mohan, Angita Jain, Rupalakshmi, Sinchana, Anish Bhat  
Accuracy Of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology In Comparision With Histopathological Report In Fibroadenoma Of Breast
    Rashmi Chittawadagi  
A Survey Of Factors Influencing Prescribing Behaviour Of Physicians In A Tertiary Care Hospital In North India
    Ridhima Kaul, Sumit Kumar  
Exploring the link between health, integrity and depression in the elderly population-a salutogenic approach
    Romil Singh  
Indications And Complications Of Intestinal Stomas: A Tertiary Care Hospital Experience
    Rohan Khandelwal, Akriti Sinha, Anuradha Mehta, Krishna Adit Agarwal, Avantika Singh  
Diagnostic Performance of the Palmar Pallor – Imnci Tool in Identifying Anemia among under five‘S in Visakhapatnam
    S. Ramesh Babu  
Comparison Of Paravertebral Block And Interpleural Block In Patients Undergoing Breast Surgery Under General Anaesthesia : A Prospective Randomized Study
    Sahil Diwan  
Comparative Assessment of Quality of life,Mood changes and Sleep Deprivation in different streams of undergraduate students
    Rhea Shriyan  
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in cervical cancer screening: A proposed tool
    Sandeep singh, Sorabh Badaya  
Case Series: Perioperative management of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in a tertiary care centre
    Mayank Mehrotra, Rohan Khandelwal, Pawan Nayar, Akriti Sinha, Avantika Singh  
Factors Affecting Morbidity and Mortality in Emergency General Surgery
    Pratyusha Kodela  
Evaluation of oculohypotensive effect of enalaprilat in an Intraocular Pressure (IOP) recovery model in rabbits
    Roohi Katyal  
Efficacy, Safety and Compliance of Iv Iron-Sucrose, Oral Iron Folate and Oral Iron-Folate with Jaggery for Treatment of Ida in Pregnancy
    Raghav Malik  
Oral Iron Vs Intravenous Iron Sucrose
    Sai monica chakicherla  
Detection of various non communicable diseases by multiphasic screening program
    Pragyee Dhingra  
Biological and clinical implications of codon 72 p53 genotypes in Indian chronic myeloid leukemia patients
    Pragya Saini  
Drug prescription practices in paediatric patients of Yavatmal Distric
    Ajapuje PS, Giri VC, Khakse GM, Priya D.  
Impact of HIV on Specific Biological Parameters
    Sangeetha Gandhi  
Otorhinolaryngeal manifestations in HIV positive patients in a Rural setup
    Sanujit A. Pawde  
Negative appendectomy: where do we stand and how this can be minimized?
    Shaan E Alam  
Mucocutaneous manifestations in HIV patients and their relation with CD4 counts
    Sharada Gorre  
Proportion of Gastric Carcinoma in the Tertiary Care Centre of a Medical Colleges in Mangalore
    Shikha Adil  
A study to assess the knowledge regarding breast cancer and breast self-examination (BSE) among lady doctors and staff nurses of a tertiary care centre
    Shipra Jain, Chintamani, Rohan Khandelwal, Megha Tandon  
Profile of attendees at the VCTC/ICTC of a Medical college hospital in Karnataka
    Shruti Kongara  
Leprosy-Current Scenario In North Karnataka
    Shruti. M. Kudari  
Efficacy of iron from vegetable sources to treat iron deficiency anemia in Indian women
    Sindhu Sathyanarayana  
Medical Students Hanging by a thread
    Sonal Pruthi  
Post Caesarean wound infection: A critical analysis
    Sonali Jain, Bhavna seth  
Study of Profile of Blood Donors at a tertiary care hospital in South India
    Shruti Kongara  
Understanding of the medical prescription among the attendants of the pediatric patients attending outpatient department (Government Wenlock Hospital) mangalore
    Sireesha G.  
Study of Anemia in Elderly Patients with Special Reference to Serum Iron Profile,Vit.B12 & Folic Acid Levels
    Rahul ghogre  
Exploring A Potential Link Between Emotional Quotient And Telepathic Power(s) In Humans: A Pilot Study
    Sorabh Badaya  
Evaluating The Link Between The Presence Of Potentially Pathogenic Organisms And Biomedical Waste Management Practices Among Health Care Workers In A Tertiary Care Hospital
    Shipra Jain, Sumathi Muralidhar, Dimple Kasana  
Comparative Study Of Reaction Times In Type 2 Diabetics And Non Diabetics
    Sameer Mittu  
Effect of Persistent Hyperestrogenemic state in hyperthyroid males on hypothalmopitutiary function
    Skand Shekhar  
Need of Diffusion Imaging MRI in Stroke Patients
Diffusion MRI is an essential and very useful tool for stroke patients. While it takes hours to reach a diagnosis of ischemic stroke with conventional MRI, CT. Diffusion waited MRI allows detection of disease within minutes. But this technique is not avai
    Shamira Naz Ansari  
Incidence of TB and other opportunistic infections in HIV+ patients undergoing ART from a northern Indian Antiretroviral treatment centre
    Shashank Gupta  
Pap smear screening in perimenopausal & postmenopausal women in rural set up
    Soumya Somani  
HPLC analysis of Sickle cell disorders and role of fetal hemoglobin on various manifestations of the disease
    Sujay Rainchwar  
Hospital anxiety and depression score
    Sukanya Roy  
To assess the long-term quality-of-life (QOL) outcomes in disease-free breast cancer survivors
    Sukriti Rastogi, Chintamani, Rohan Khandelwal, Megha Tandon  
Clinical spectrum of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease cases in Mangalore city of south India – A cross sectional study
    Surabhi chattree, Swati sinha, Tapit moudgil, Shantanu Singh  
Study of Awareness and Usage of Contraceptives among HIV Positive Women in Delhi
    Sushree Monika Sahoo  
Current trends and problems related to the use of portable listening devices among college students
    Swasti Keshri , Aastha Gupta  
To estimate the SLEDAI (SLE disease activity index) and correlate serum levels of bioactivity markers as IL-10, IL-6 and TNF-á with the active form of disease
    Swati Bhayana  
A Study Of Utilization Of Icds Services By Adolescent Girls At Anganwadi Centres
    Tejesh Shavi  
(POSTER)Malignant transformation of fibroadenoma :A very rare case report
    Umesh Jethwani  
Pentoxifylline in combination with ACEI & ARB resulting in significant decline of proteinuria
    Swapnil Singh Kushwaha, Prateek Shrama, Utkarash Mishra  
Assessment Of Spiritual Health Among Medical Students
    V. Radhika  
Immunisation Coverage and the Effect of Maternal Knowledge & attitude Towards it
    Vamshi Dharan P.  
Study of Compliance of Patients on Oral Hypoglycemic Agents
    Vanshika Gupta  
Telemedicine- need of the hour to improve manpower health & economic development of India Unlimited
    Balvinder Arora,Varsha Agarwal  
Effect of ciprofloxacin on haloperidol induced catalepsy in albino mice
    Vijay Kumar  
Occurrence of CNS symptoms (like headache, anxiety, hearing loss) and hypertension in extensive cell phone users v/s non cell phone users
    Vidhi Chopra  
Assessment of Health seeking Behavior and the Factors associated
    Vamshi Dharan P  
To ascertain the co-morbidities which can lead either to mortality or hospitalization in children with downs syndrome and its effect on the quality of life of their parents
    Swati Bhayana  
Trends of Leptospirosis in Coastal Karnataka
    Surabhi Singh Raghav  
Total Anal Sphincter Saving Technique for Fistula-in-Ano; The Ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract(LIFT)
    Umesh Jethwani  
knowledge and awareness towards disaster preparedness among medical students
    Tanya Jain  
Rhomboid flap for the management of recurrent pilonidal disease
    Umesh Jethwani  
Evaluation Of Incidence And Risk Factors For Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (Pcos) Among Adolescent School Girls
    Srishti Priyadarshini  
Prevalence of Anemia During Pregnancy
    Vikas M  
Study of Knowledge And Attitudes Regarding Organ Donation In A Selected Student Population In Bellary City
    Vikram Reddy G  
Rare and Intresting Cases of Bone & Soft Tissue Neoplasms with Their Clinico-Pathological and Radiological Features
    Sumit Kumar Prasad, Ridhima Kaul, Sumit Kumar  
Knowledge of first aid among undergraduate students of KMC, Mangalore
    Surabhi Sharma  
Assessment of Risk Factors for Non Communicable Diseases
    V. Sagar