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  Volume 2, Number 1, October - December 2011
Original Article
Pattern of abdominal injuries in a tertiary care centre on N.H. 24 in western U.P.
    Farhanul Huda* Deepak Sah** Karam Singh***  
Are enteric perforations caused by salmonella typhi?- A prospective clinical study to establish the etiology and optimum management of enteric perforations
    *Jotinder Khanna **Chintamani ***Dipthi Nair ***Pranjal Kulshreshtha ****Nidhi Sugandhi *****Bhatnagar D.  
Occurrence of Dry Eye: An Urban Slum Based Study
    Akshat Garg  
Review Article
Cancer stem cells: A brief overview
    Ila Jain* Rohan Khandelwal**  
Case Report
“Appendicular mucocele” – Case report and review of literature
    Uttam Jain* Ajit Sinha** R. K. Soni*** Yashavanth Kumar****  
Lymphoma - an unusual cause of Ileocolic Intussuception
    Chintamani Sreenivas S. Rahul Bamal Bhatnagar D Singh G.J  
A Case of Fournier’s Gangrene
    Chintamani* Rohan Khandelwal*  
Organ preservation in cancer