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  Volume 11, Number 1, January-March 2019
Original Article
Efficacy of Multi-Sensory Learning Strategies in Enhancing Mathematical Proficiency of Pre-School Students
    A.M. Jazeel  |  DOI:
To Study the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Dr. Sunil Mhaske’s Administrative Model for Students of Medical College
    Prabhat S. Mhaske  |  DOI:
Disaster Management – NDRF, Armed Forces and Community Participation
    Ranbir Singh1, B.S. Dhaliwal2  |  DOI:
An Empirical Study on Online Advertising v/s Conventional Advertising
    Dimple Meena  |  DOI:
Dragon' vs 'Elephant': The Battle of Economic Supremacy
    Anand Mittal1, Nikita Panth2, Arjun Mittal3  |  DOI:
Women and Vegetable Cultivation: A Grass Root Level Impact Evaluation Study
    R. Ramya  |  DOI:
A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Ready to Eat Foods
    Y. Hanuman Prasad  |  DOI: