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  Volume 10, Number 3 (Special Issue), Sep-Dec 2018
Original Article
Business Strategies of Residential Apartment Builders
    Raji AM  |  DOI:
Can Learning Be Fun?
    Asha S Kutty1, Manu Melwin Joy2  |  DOI:
Startup Culture in Kerala: Opportunities and Challenges
    Shabla Mohamed Mustafa1, B. Johnson2  |  DOI:
FDI and Economic Growth in Emerging World: An Empirical Investigation
    Haritha Haridasan  |  DOI:
Impact of Psychological Factors in Trading Behaviour of Individual Investors in Derivative Markets
    Urmila R. Menon1, E.K. Satheesh2  |  DOI:
Mutual Fund SIPs: Investor - Centric Approach
    Darsana Sudharsan1, Biju John M2  |  DOI:
Customer Perspectives on Relationship Marketing in Thrissur Based Banks
    Soudamini M1, E. Murali2  |  DOI:
Scope of Indian Flat Breads as Start up Business in Kerala
    James Varkey Mandapathil1, Ambeesh Mon S2  |  DOI:
Firms’ Financials and Return Performance of Shariah Stocks in India
    Aneesha PH  |  DOI:
Comprehensive Review of Supply Chain Practices and its Implications on Small and Medium Enterprises
    Manilal P1, Mark David Devanesan2  |  DOI:
Determinants of Consumer Buying Behavior for the Domestic Tourists in Kerala
    Swathy V. Chandran1, Daisland Thattil2  |  DOI:
A Study on Effectiveness of Complaint Management of Airtel
    Alagra Antony  |  DOI:
Ecological Sustainability Trough Green Marketing: An Overview on Paradigms and Practices in the New Development Culture
    Jaseela PT1, Ibrahimkutty CP2  |  DOI:
Significance of E - Procurement in the Changing Business Scenario: A Case Study of Kerala Feeds Ltd
    Rekha U Menon1, Parmod M.2  |  DOI:
Career Management of Employees: A Theoretical Overview
    Nithya R1, Anitha S2  |  DOI:
A Comprehensive Analysis of Preferred Portfolios by Young Investors
    KR Vrinda Menon1, Kemthose Paul2  |  DOI:
Importance of Brand Image Development: A Study with Special Reference to Rural Consumers
    Suni Devi VT  |  DOI:
Blue Ocean Strategy: Capturing Uncontested Market and Making the Competition Irrelevant
    Lakshmi J1, Capt. Suseela Menon R2  |  DOI:
Capital Formation in Unorganised Sector with Special Reference to Thrissur Corporation Market Area
    Arya Gopakumar  |  DOI:
A study on E-commerce Marketing Mix Strategy With Special Reference to, Inc
    Nimitha Chackochan  |  DOI:
Green Marketing Myopia: What organisations can do in order to tackle it
    Ranjit Thomas1, Anitha S.2, I. Nelson Joseph3  |  DOI:
Consumer Satisfaction and Perception About Online Shopping: A Study Among the Salaried People in Kerala
    Anju Ann Abraham  |  DOI:
Hedging Efficiency of Commodity Derivatives: A Comparison of Spices Futures with Metals Futures in India
    Anjana Krishnakumar  |  DOI:
Crypto Currencies: A Paradigm Shift of Digital Currencies
    Haritha Simon  |  DOI:
A Comparative Appraisal of Financial Inclusion in India
    Sitara V. Attokkaran  |  DOI:
Study on Challenges in Building Start-Up With Special Reference to Paytm
    Namitha P. Nair  |  DOI:
Perception and Attitude of Ed Club Members Towards Green Marketing with Special Reference to Thrissur District
    Dilshara Raphi  |  DOI:
A Comparitive Study Between Advertising and Salesmanship on the Effect of Selling Life Insurance Products with Reference to LIC of India Thrissur Region
    Alagra Antony1, Lipinraj K.2  |  DOI:
Portrayal of Women in Indian TV Ads
    Arun Balakrishnan1, Meera Davi Chalissery2  |  DOI:
Study on the Buying Behaviour of Youngsters Towards Branded Apparels at Offer Season in Thrissur District
    Sumanam TR.  |  DOI:
Influence of Gambling in Sales Promotion Strategies
    Divya George1, Thomas Paul Kattookaran2  |  DOI:
Entrepreneurial Perception Among College Students in Thrissur District
    Sindhu George1, Biju John M.2  |  DOI:
An Appraisal of Brand Resonance of Banking Services among Commercial Banks in Kerala
    Sowmia Rajan K.1, Biju John M.2  |  DOI:
Fake Information and Communication Technology Products: A Threat for Branded Version
    Jilna John1, Biju John M.2  |  DOI:
Performance Evaluation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana in Kerala
    Chaithanya U.1, P. Vasanthakumari2  |  DOI:
A Study on Competencies of Women Entrepreneurs in the District of Thrissur,Kerala State
    KV. Unninarayanan1, Smitha Joy2  |  DOI:
The Role of Digital Media in the Growth of Yoga Professional in Thrissur City
    Preetha PB.  |  DOI:
Individual Tax Payers Attitude Towards E-filing of Income Tax Return With Reference to Thrissur Districts
    Simi Baby Thattil1, Shaheetha K.S.2  |  DOI:
A Study on Usage of Green Banking Services among Senior Citizens in India
    Sneha Silvester  |  DOI:
Behavioural Biases of Entrepreneurs in Capital Investment Decisions
    Muhsina N.1, Aboobacker Sidheeque K.T.2  |  DOI:
Green HRM: Concept and Practices
    Alex Rajesh1, Rakhi Mohan2  |  DOI:
Behavioural Responses to Service Quality in Banks
    Feroze PS3, Gopinathan P2, Sijo Jacob V3, Jessia Merin TV4  |  DOI:
Key Drivers of Employee Engagement in Banking Sector: An Empirical Investigation
    Anjali John1, Neenet Baby2  |  DOI:
Digital Marketing : A Flagstone for Womenpreneurs
    Antony Davis Mannummel2, Remya Anilkumar2  |  DOI:
A Survey Paper on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
    Pradeepa PK  |  DOI:
A Study on Gamification Techniques Adopted by Financial Institutions
    Ebina Justin1, Manu Melwin Joy2  |  DOI:
Digital Banking Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities of Banking Industry
    Malini Krishnakumar  |  DOI: