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  Volume 10, Number 3, Sep-Dec 2018
Original Article
A Study on Sickness Absenteeism of OPD Staff in Columbia Asia Hospital
    Darshan Kuri1, Ravi Aditya2  |  DOI:
Employee Morale and Satisfaction with Reference to Retail Chain
    Dhikshitha Baskaran1, Ellur Anand2  |  DOI:
An Assessment of Readiness of Schools in Implementing Technology Stream in GCE (A/L) Classes in Akkaraipattu Education Zone
    A.M. Jazeel  |  DOI:
An Analytical Study on Trends and Progress of Deposits of ICICI Bank
    D. Amutha  |  DOI:
Using Basic Strategies to Develop Competitive Advantages in the Market
    N. Deventhiran1, J. Mohan Raj2  |  DOI:
Optimizing Holistic Supplychain Management Practice: An Exploratory Study on Green Logistics Companies in Chennai City
    A. Appu1, S.G. Balaji2  |  DOI:
Employee’s Perception about Quality of Work-life: An Insight of JKEDI
    Shahid Ali  |  DOI:
Evaluating the Financial Health and Sickness of Indian Banking Industry: A Diagnostic Study Based on Z-Score Model
    Stefan Joseph1, Pravin D. Jadhav2, Shivaprasad G.3  |  DOI:
Manoeuvring Growing NPA in Indian Public Sector Banks
    Shilpa Jain  |  DOI: