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  Volume 10, Number 2 (Special Issue), May-August 2018
Original Article
An Enhanced Study towards the Effectiveness of Digital Marketing
    V. Sumalatha  
Bancassurance in India: A Study on Industry Outlook of Life Insurance
    G.V. Abhinav Kumar1, Swetha Chavali2  
Risk Management in the Banks: An Analysis
    C. Sri Ramya1, G.V. Abhinav Kumar2  
Powerful Influence of Organizational Culture on Employee Suggestion Systems in Ensuring Corporate Success
    B. Swathi1, Sunil Kumar2  
Factors Influence Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees: An Internal Marketing Outlook
    Venkata Sai Srinivasa Rao Muramalla1, Naveen Kumar Gurram2  
Entrepreneurship a Global Perspective: Its Opportunities and Challenges
    R. Lavanya Kumari  
Emerging Challenges towards Human Resource Management in 21st Century
    G.K. Kumar  
Innovative HR Practices Catering to Talent Acquisition
    D. Pranathi  
Going Cashless in India – Boon or Bane
    M.S. Kokila1, Kalanjeri V. Satya2  
Impact of Market Orientation on the Student Satisfaction of Business School in Hyderabad and Rangareddy District of Telangana State
    Arijit Santikary1, S.F. Chandrasekhar2  
Development of Digital Marketing in India
    K. Rajeswari1, P. Prashanthi2  
Applying Data Analytics for Human Resource Management: Opportunities & Challenges
    Niharika Atchyutuni1, P. Vijay Kumar2  
Commodities Future Market – A Study of Tur Dal
    P. Chandrika1, P. Neeraja2  
“Leader’s Emotional Intelligence”: An Indispensible HR Conquest for Competent Project Management
    T. Rachel Shalini  
Competetive Leadership – Role of Leadership Performance
    B. Sangeetha  
Consumer Buying Behaviour on Footwear: With Reference to Reliance Footprint and BATA, Kakinada City
    B. Charwak  
An overview on Changes in Indian Consumer Demographics
    Sridevi Jonnalagadda1, Roopalatha2  
HR Management in 21st Century: Challenges for Future
    Annapurna Chitta  
Impact & Implications of GST on FMCG Sector in India
    Salini Bathula  
Need of Cyber Security in Digital India
    M.L. Himaja  
Use of Digital Banking for Improving Quality of Service Delivery: An Empirical Study of Selected Indian Banks
    Vaishali Pagaria  
Performance of Insurance Companies in Relation to Bugdetary Provisions of Government of India
    K. Anjaneyulu  
Changing Consumer Perceptions towards Organized Retailing in Hyderabad City: An Empirical Analysis
    Kavitha Thakur1, B. Muralikrishna2  
Knowledge Management for a Small Organization
    K. Surya Narayana1, K. Niranjan2  
HR Branding, A Tool for Attracting & Retaining Talent in Missile Manufacturing Industry in Telangana State
    L.V.S.N. Murthy1, S. Narayanan2, Ch. Yadagiri3  
Job Evaluation Practices – A Comparative Study of Selectpublic and Private Sector Organisation
    B. Thirupathi Naik1, D. Sreeramulu2  
Talent Management Practices of Select Pharma Companies in Sikkim and their Implications
    Geeta Shree Roy1, V. Rama Devi2  
Enhancing Employee Experience-A Strategic Priority for Building Employer Brand
    B. Vijaya Lakshmi  
An Overview towards Word of Mouth
    Mallikarjun Durgaraju  
Blue Ocean Strategy
    R. Sindhu  
Impact of GST on Retail Sector – A Study
    B.D. Hansraj1, M. Naga Sulochna2  
Financial Inclusion (Role of Primary Co-operative Banks in Rural India)
    V.L. Raju  
Impact of Digital Marketing on Indian Consumers
    T. Mahesh Babu  
Study on the Usage of Traditional, Digital and Social Media by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Hyderabad, India
    Madhusudan Kumar Kota  
Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) in Digital Age
    T. Aditya Prasad1, Nazia Shaik2