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  Volume 10, Number 1, January - April 2018
Original Article
Attitude of Teachers towards Inclusive Education in Akkaraipattu Education Zone
    A.M. Jazeel  |  N/A
An Economic Analysis of Empowerment of Scheduled Caste Women in Thoothukudi District of Tamilnadu
    A. Suresh*, D. Amutha**  |  N/A
Assessment of the Level of Job Strain among School Teachers at Selected School
    M. Ramya Rathi Devi*, Gayathri. H**  |  N/A
Oral Health Knowledge, Attitude, Practices among Pregnant Women
    Smt. P. Jayasree*, G. Venkata Ramana**  |  N/A
A Study on Awareness of Cybercrime among Teacher Trainees in Addalaichenai Government Teachers’ College
    A.M. Jazeel  |  N/A
Problems Faced by Pottery Producers
    D. Rathi  |  N/A