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  Volume 9, Number 1, January-April 2017
Original Article
A Study on Awareness of Inclusive Education among Parents of Special Need Children in Sri Lanka
    A.C. Fathima Fazmina**  
Assess the Attitude on Use of Technology in Classroom among the Faculty of Management in SRM University
    Abirami P.*, Swathi**  
Significance of Peace Studies for Youth in Higher Education System in Tamilnadu
    D. Devandhiran  
A Study on Awareness of Sri Lankan Graduate Teachers towards Web Blog Based Instruction at School Level
    A.M. Jazeel  
Review Article
Employee Engagement: A Rare and Unique Collection of Expert Views
    Vevita Priya Aranha*, Johnson Fernandes**, Vencita Priyanka Aranha***, Asir John Samuel***  |  N/A