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  Volume 8, Number 2, April - August  2016
Original Article
Role of ‘Iqqubs’ in Private Business Start Up and Development of SMEs with Reference to Arba Minch, Ethiopia
    Shaik Abdul Majeeb Pasha*, Ato. Debalke Delcho Dayrra**  
Assessment of Mobile Phone Dependence aamong Nursing Students
    B. Jayabharathi*, Pinkie Lizbeth Thomas**  
Social Interaction and Young People’s Transition to Higher Education in Varanasi District
    Kumar Brajesh  
An Empirical Study of Human Resource Development Practices in Tourism Industry: A Study on the Employees’ Perception in Hotel Industry in Odisha
    Gruhalaxmi Panda  
Honour Killing: A Community Based Punishment to the Women
    A.N. Gayathri  
Review Article
Rising Status of Women in India in the 20th Century
    D. Pulla Rao  
Human Values: A Multidisciplinary Approach in Environmental Studies
    Kaushal Chauhan  
Incorporating Hygiene & Sanitation issues in School Curriculum at different levels of Education
    Neha Jain*, Pallavi Dubey*  
Accrediting Self Financing Colleges of Education: Perspective of an Assessor
    P. Prema  
Developing Hobbies for a Lifetime
    Sandeep Hegde