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  Volume 7, Number 4, October - December 2015
Original Article
Quality of Work Life of Fish Processing Women Workers in Tuticorin District
    D. Amutha*, P. Hepzibah Julie Jeyaseeli**  |  DOI:
Economic Analysis of Dairy Plant, Milk Plant Verka, Mohali, Panjab and its Public Health Impact on the Community
    Shivani Gupta*, S. Nikhil Gupta**, Naveen Gupta***  |  DOI:
Expenditure of Beneficiaries Before and After Joining Mgnregs A Study of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh
    P. Rajaiah*, G. Venkata Ramana**  |  DOI:
Review Article
Redefining Clean India Vs Sustainability Development Goal
    Shivani Gupta*, S. Nikhil Gupta**, Naveen Gupta***  |  DOI:
Paediatric HIV/AIDS
    Liza Bulsara*, Sunil Mhaske*  |  DOI: