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  Volume 7, Number 2, April - June 2015
Original Article
Stress Management through Music Therapy: Efficacy of Sufi Music
    Amreen Ameer Mailanchi*, S. Vinod Kumar**  |  DOI:
A Study of Marketing Efficiency of Banana in Tuticorin District
    *D. Amutha, **D. Rathi  |  DOI:
Impact of Balanced Mutual Fund’s Diversification Attribute on Investor Decisions
    M. Krishna Naidu  |  DOI:
A Study on Motivating Factors to Enter into Poultry Farming with Special Reference to Tuticorin District
    S. Kayarkanni  |  DOI:
Review Article
A Study on the Changing Values among Women Students in Present Society
    Chaganti Rami Reddy*, Y. Varaprasada Reddy**, R. Vijaya Krishna Naidu***  |  DOI:
On Deciding a Research Problem
    P. Prema  |  DOI: