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  Volume 6, Number 3, July - September 2014
Original Article
Social Impact and Public Health Burden of Illness in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: An Evidence-Informed Update
    Kumar Senthil P., Adhikari Prabha, Jeganathan P.S., D’Souza Mariella, D’Souza Sydney C., Misri Z.K.  
Political and Legal Empowerment of Women in India
    Md. Shahid Raza  
Gender Differentials and Gender Issues of Human Development: Evidences from the Dangs
    Bigi Thomas  
Devadasi: An Institutionalized Exploitation of Women
    A. N. Gayathri  
Review Article
A Comparative Study of Personality between Working & Non Working Women in NCR Region
    Nisha Singh, Reena Agarwal  
Case Report
Assessment of Vat Audit Practice In Ethiopia: A Case Study of Ethiopia Revenue Custom Authority in Arba Minch, Gamo-Gofa Zone
    Shaik Abdul Majeeb Pasha