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  Volume 5, Number 2, April - June 2013
Original Article
Employee Attrition-Causes and Remedies
    Mitushi Jain  
Progression towards Greener World through Various Strategies
    Pritika Sood, Swati Gupta  
Renewable Energy and Environment Management
    Arjun Jaideep Bhatnagar  
Review Article
An Exploratory Study for Implementing and Understanding Total Productive Maintenance in Manufacturing Sector, Vadodara
    Shivani Mishra, Punam Singh  
Religious Values and Management Ethics
    Lalitha Parameshwari  
SHG: Micro-finance as a New Tool to Combat Poverty: An Empirical Study
    R. Neelaiah, Chaganti Rami Reddy  
A Rejuvenation of Primary Health Care
    Gupta SN, Gupta Naveen, Gupta Shivani