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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  8, Issue 2, May-Aug 2014, Pages 195-204


Review Article

Use of Internet by the Students and Faculty Members in Nursing College Libraries: An Analysis
Shivaraja O.
*Librarian, Mallige College of Pharmacyalong, Bangalore- 90, Karnataka, India.
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The aim of this study was to analyze the use of the Internet and related issues among the students and faculty of nursing colleges of the Bangalore city. A well structured questionnaire was distributed among the 250 students and faculty of selected nursing colleges of the Bangalore city. The response rate was 84%. The present study demonstrates and elaborates the various aspects of Internet use such as, use of internet, factors influenced the use of internet, methods of learning to make use of internet, time spent for using internet, frequency of use of internet services, experience of internet use, purposes of internet use, problems encountered while using internet, comparison of traditional documents, internet influence on academic efficiency, internet expertise and satisfaction level of the students and faculty members with the Internet facilities provided at the Nursing college libraries. The result of the study also provided information about the benefits of the Internet over conventional documents. It was found that the Internet had become a vital instrument for teaching, research and learning process of these respondents. Some suggestions have been set forth to make the service more beneficial for the academic community of the nursing colleges under study.

Keywords: Internet use; Students; Faculty; Bangalore city.

Corresponding Author : Shivaraja O.