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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  8, Issue 2, May-Aug 2014, Pages 153-161


Original Article

Open Access to Government Data for Citizen Empowerment: An Indian Experience
Ramesha, B.B. Chand
*Associate Professor, Deptt. of Library and Information Science, Bangalore University, Bangalore - 560056, Karnataka, **Deputy Librarian, Indian Socio Economic Change (ISEC), Nagarabhavi, Bangalore, Karantaka, India
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Access to government data empower citizens and brings in greater public participation. The open government data (OGD) movement started with the formulation of principles to govern the open data movement. Considering the social, economic, political value and the transparency and public participation that the open government data will put forward government around the world opens up access to government data. Many developed and developing countries are adopting national data sharing plans to facilitate easy access to data. In this paper authors highlights the conceptual framework of OGD and its principles, how government data will empower the citizens through various policies, programmes and Acts and provides OGD initiatives in India.

Keywords: Open government data; Empowerment; Open government platform; National data sharing and access policy.

Corresponding Author : Ramesha