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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  8, Issue 2, May-Aug 2014, Pages 147-151


Original Article

E-Learning: A Challenging Concept to Libraries
Rajkumar V. Kulkarni
*Chief Librarian, S. Nijalingappa Medical College & H.S.K. Hospital & Research Centre, Bagalkot - 587103, Karnataka, India.
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In the academic world e-learning is as an expanding reality and librarians in the university system will soon have to face in significant measure. E-learning can be used as a supplement or support of traditional learning methods at universities. E-learning courses and seminars can be integrated in traditional and bundled in virtual universities. Elements of e- learning can be integrated in traditional distance learning institutions. At the same time it is widely observed that demand from the lifelong learning market for education and information is growing dramatically. The proliferation of e-learning programs require great efforts of libraries to follow and assist the increasing number of remote users with suitable resources and services. In this paper try to explain the relation between e-learning and e-libraries and how trends in both could mutually benefit and consider the major challenges of e-learning and link them with e-libraries. 

Keywords: E-learning; E-competencies; Virtual universities; E-journals.

Corresponding Author : Rajkumar V. Kulkarni