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RFP Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing

Volume  3, Issue 1, January -June 2020, Pages 17-21


Review Article

Living Arrangements and Family Support of Elderly in the Contemporary Society – A Review
J Balamurugan
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632014, India.
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India has been experiencing changes in its family system. A system that had provided not only support and care to the elderly for their wellbeing but also had acknowledged their status of authority and decision making is virtually unable to extend the same support and respect to them today because of various reasons. Thus, for voluntary or involuntary reasons, many a time elderly may either left alone or maybe alienated from their children and family despite living with them. This may have a direct bearing on their decision making role, adjustment, and/or life satisfaction. With the declining capacities, increasing age-related debility, anxiety about economic and physical support, fear of death, and bereavement they may pose a challenge to the society which is practically growing apathetic to the elderly. The present paper has attempted to review the available research studies on this aspect of the living arrangements and family support of the elderly. The author has tried to highlight the reasons for their living with or without their children/relatives or the near and dear ones and the consequences there off. Further, it is also attempted to examine the gaps in this area of research and suggest the likely issues which need to be focused on in future research.

Keywords: Living Arrangement, Housing, Nuclear, Modernisation, Industrialisation, Mobility, Family Support, Elderly.

Corresponding Author : J Balamurugan