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RFP Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Volume  3, Issue 2, July-December 2018, Pages 41-45


Original Article

The National Science Film Festival of India-Films on Life Sciences Is in High Demand
Sachin C Narwadiya
Scientist C,Vigyan Prasar, A-50, Institutional Area, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309, India.
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 Films are the medium of choice since many years for communication of the massages. The impact of films marked on the mind and thoughts of the viewers. In the India the traditional education tolls includes books, black boards, reading, writing, reciting activities. But the scenario is shifting towards the technology intervention in education. The less numbers of teachers, difficulty in reaching to each student enhances the technology like films, video conferencing; online lectures to increase reach to each student. The film making learning is art and science collaboration. It need creative minds and scientific as well. The language of films is different than books. Films always need catchy titles, small dialogues to understand more in fewer words. This audio-visual medium connects the viewer more than text books. In Vigyan Prasar popular science film production started about two decades ago. To encourage science film making in India, the Vigyan Prasar came up with a science film festival originally titled as Rashtriya Vigyan Chalchitra Mela (RVCM) and at present National Science Film Festival (NSFF). The various films submitted by the national and international producers are categorized in various categories and screened in festival among viewers. The learning attitude enhanced by adopting the workshop along with screening of films. The event is educational, entertainer, and above that it enhances the scientific thinking among the participants. In the present study the films received during 2015 were analyzed. The comparative study is performed in between the NSFF and other Indian Science film festivals and competition. There are rising concern among the viewers about health, biology and others issues.Life science is responsible for genesis of interests and curiosity because the subject is about life.

Keywords: Education; National Science Film Festival (NSFF); Rashtriya Vigyan Chalchitra Mela (RVCM); Vigyan Prasar; India.

Corresponding Author : Sachin C Narwadiya