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Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior

Volume  4, Issue 2, Jul-Dec 2018, Pages 222-226


Original Article

Transgender in India: Wither Away or Fading
Jaisantoshima Nagappa*, Jaiprakashreddy S. Patil**
*Research Scholar, Department of Post-Graduate Studies & Research in Law, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585106, India. **Research Guide and Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor of National Law University and Judicial Academy (NLUJA) Guahati, Assam 781031, India and Prof. (Retd.), Department of Post-Graduate, Studies & Research in Law, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585106, India.
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  Transgender are human beings like us made up of with flesh and blood however then also there is a significant lack in understanding of these people as like other prime gender people male and female, they are facing lot of discrimination in the society as well as in the eyes of law. Transgender persons are most marginalised groups in Indian society due to their gender identity and gender expression and they face numerous barriers especially when accessing their health issues, housing, education, employment opportunities, immigration, law, and other opportunities or resources as we are enjoying. Transgender are one of the LGBT individuals they were easily not allowed in public places like restaurant, parks, railway station, bus stands etc., as one among us if allowed nobody want to talk with them, in total we can say they will treated as aliens I mean to say they were treated very badly by using abused words, in total they were ill treated. Transgender live at the margins of the society with very low status. They get their income performing at the ceremonies, begging and through sex work. Due to sex work they face lot of health problems like HIV/ AIDS. We need some strong developments for eliminating this historical discrimination and exclusion towards these community people and ensuring that they are accepted by the society and make sure that they should also come to the mainstream and enjoy all rights how we are enjoying.

Keywords: Transgender; Issues; Rights; LGBT; Status; Discrimination.

Corresponding Author : Jaisantoshima Nagappa, Research Scholar, Department of PostGraduate, Studies & Research in Law, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585106, India.