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International Journal of Practical Nursing

Volume  8, Issue 2, May–August 2020, Pages 53-57


Original Article

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Concept Mapping Among II Year B.Sc (N) Students
G Jyothsna
Assistant Professor, Department Child Health Nursing, St. Joseph’s College of Nursing.
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Background: Learning is a complex process of cognition which occurs among individuals at all ages. Meaningful learning requires understanding of the concepts that is an important element of topic under study. The Concept Maps are used as an effective teaching plan in promoting critical thinking. It also serves as an instructional and learning tool in nursing education. Objectives: 1. To assess the Knowledge of II year B.Sc(N) students regarding Concept Mapping in terms of pretest. 2. To provide Structured Teaching Programme regarding Concept Mapping among II year B.Sc (N) students. 3. To assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme by comparing the pretest and post test scores regarding Concept
Mapping among II year B.Sc (N) students. 4. To determine the association of the pretest Knowledge scores with selected demographic variables regarding Concept Mapping among II year B.Sc (N) students.
Methods: A Quasi-experimental study involved sample of 49 students where Paper-pencil technique was used among II year B.Sc (N) students. Each student was given 20-30 minutes of the time with Structured Knowledge Questionnaire which includes Knowledge regarding Concept Mapping. Results:In pre-test scores, 45 (91.83%) of II yearB.Sc (N) studentshad average Knowledge and 4 (8.16%) had below average Knowledge. In post-test 47 (95.91%) of them had above average Knowledge and 2 (4.08%) of them had average Knowledge.This increase in post-test Knowledge scores indicates that the STP regarding Concept Mapping was effective in increasing the Knowledge among II year B.Sc (N) students. Conclusion: Concept
Maps are one of the educational innovations in nursing education since 25 years. The nursing students should be motivated to apply Concept Mapping as a learning method in their curriculum to analyze and attain better understanding of the topic. Thus the use of contemporary teaching approaches such as Concept Mapping in Nursing education can be advantageous.

Keywords: Concept Mapping; Graphic tools; Visual representation; Logical thinking; Nursing education.

Corresponding Author : G Jyothsna