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International Journal of Practical Nursing

Volume  8, Issue 1, January – April 2020, Pages 17-23


Original Article

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Artificial Nutrition for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients
Sharun NV
Tutor, College of Nursing, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Tatibandh, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492099, India.
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Background: Artificial nutrition for terminally ill patients especially cancer patients, often are made in highly charged situations in which the decision-makers are concomitantly trying to cope with multiple
losses and grief. Apart from routine teaching, A structured teaching program might be necessary and might be most effective for third year BSc Nursing students to make them understand the multi
dimensional aspects of the situation. Research Hypothesis: There is a significant difference in the level of knowledge regarding artificial nutrition for terminally ill cancer patients among third year B Sc Nursing
students before and after structured teaching program. Methodology: Research approach adopted for the study was evaluative approach. Research design was pre-experimental (one group pre-test post-test). The study was conducted at Vidya Kirana Institute of Nursing Sciences with 50 third year B. Sc(N) students as participants. Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the samples. The
instrument developed and used for data collection was structured questionnaire. Results: 1. There was significance difference between Pre-test (46%) and Post-test (82%) knowledge Score 2. There was positive correlation between the pre-test and post-test level of knowledge i.e. 0.27. 3. There was no association between the pre-test levels of knowledge and demographic variables except age. Conclusion: The study concludes that the STP (Structured Teaching Program) was effective inenhancing the levels of knowledge of third year B.Sc. Nursing students regarding artificial nutrition for terminally ill cancer patients.
Keywords: Artificial nutrition; Terminally ill; STP(structured teaching program).

Corresponding Author : Sharun NV