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Indian Journal of Communicable Diseases

Volume  2, Issue 2, July - December 2016, Pages 81-85


Review Article

Dengue Fever
Jaiby Joy*, Ansa C.J.**
*Msc Nursing Student, **Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing, Aswini College of Nursing, Thrissur, Kerala.
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 Dengue virus is an acute febrile viral condition, is not transmitted from person to person but through the bite of an infected mosquito and it is caused by Flavivirus.Main symptom of dengue fever is body temperature more than 38ºC, body pain and joint pain. In dengue fever Platelet count will decrease. Prevention of dengue fever is by Insecticide treatment and symptomatically manages the dengue fever.

Keywords: Dengue; Fever; Immunity; Mosquito; Shock; Vaccine.

Corresponding Author : Jaiby Joy*