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Indian Journal of Dental Education

Volume  8, Issue 2, Apr-Jun 2015, Pages 103-104



Prosthodontic Journal Literature: Its Contribution to Evidence-Based Prosthodontic Dentistry
Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Senthil P. Kumar**
*Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy, Fortis Super Speciality hospital, Phase-9, Mohali, Punjab, **Professor & Principal, Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Maharishi Markandeshwar University), Mullana Uni
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DOI: DOI: 10.21088/ijde.0974.6099.8215.8

This short communication paper aimed at exploring the studies on analysis of prosthodontic journal literature through a research-based overview of PubMed. The evidence presented here in this paper was too insufficient to derive inference on the current stat and role of prosthodontic journals and its implication in evidence-based prosthdontics. Three studies were found, one on quality of RCTs, one on developing a registry of RCTs, and one on reporting of statistical methods.

Keywords: Evidence Based Prosthodontics; Research Analysis; Publication Trend; Scientific Status 

Corresponding Author : Senthil P. Kumar**