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Accepted Articles

Publishing your article: All these articles are accepted for publication in the respective journals and acceptance letters have been forwarded to all concerned authors. If you have not received acceptance letter yet; please contact us if you feel necessary.

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Asperger Syndrome- A Review
Dr.Veerabhadrappa G Mendagudli
Received On Jul 27 2021. Accepted On Sep 10 2021
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).
Definitive management of trauma patients: from the perspective of an anaesthesiologist
Sanil Mohan, Sachin N Kulkarni, Y B Surse, Rahul Yadav
Received On Feb 18 2021. Accepted On Oct 19 2021
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).
Objective Structured Clinical Examination vs Traditional Clinical Examination - Evaluation of students perception at CMNHS, Fiji National University
Ashnita Ashvini Krishna
Received On Feb 12 2021. Accepted On Mar 15 2021
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).
Over use of Drugs and Antibiotics for common cold: survey study on young population
*Sunil Kumar PhDab, cHardeep Singh Manhas, dPrem Lata PhD, fParamveer Singh, aK. S. Rana, eGaurav Singh**
Received On Apr 01 2021. Accepted On Sep 10 2021
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).
To evaluate functional efficacy of subconjunctival bevacizumab in cases of corneal neovascularization
Dr.Anirudh Singh
Received On Apr 03 2021. Accepted On Sep 10 2021
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).