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Comparison of D- Dimer & FDP (Fibrin Degradation Product) with APACHE II as marker of Severity of Acute Pancreatitis
  Mayank Chugh
Download Available
Viswanath Reddy1, G.R. Srinivas Rao2, Jagadeeswar Goud G.3, Milap Shah4
  Viswanath Reddy1, G.R. Srinivas Rao2, Jagadeeswar Goud G.3, Milap Shah4
Download Available
A Case of Spontaneous Celiac Artery Dissection with Unusual Presentation
  Bohra Shravan G.1, Shah Apurva S.1
Download Available
Rarest Complication of Thyroid Surgery-Esophagus Injury Repair with Sternocleidomastoid Flap: A Case Report with Review
  P.R. Venugopal1, Sreejith M.S.2, Dinesh Babu2, Bibilash2, Devanarayan V.3
Download Available
Antimicrobials Utilisation Trends and Surgical Site Infections in Open Abdominal Surgery
  Ammu Prakash1, Sneha Ann Koshy2, Mamatha K3, Sri Pratima K4, Anjaneya T5
Download Available
Diclofenac Induced Severe Pancreatitis: A Rare Case Study
  Mayank Chugh1, Satender Tanwar2
Download Available
An Uncommon Cause of Chronic Diarrhoea
  S Abarjitha1, Arun AC2, Jenish Rajma3, Suma Pillai4
Download Available
A Rare Occurrence of Synchronous Adenocarcinoma Gall Bladder along with Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cervix
  Jeetendar Paryani1, Parijat Suryavanshi2, Shashi Singh Pawar3
Download Available