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Raise Voice against Noise
  Saurabh Varshney*, PrateekVarshney**
Download Available
Verrucous Carcinoma Larynx: A Deceptive Entity
  V.U. Shanmugam*, Dinah Swaroop S.**, R. Prem Nivas***, Ruta Shanmugam****, R.G. Mariappan*, Balaji Swaminathan*****
Download Available
Chronic Invasive Fungal Sinusitis in an Immunocompetent Patient
  Angshuman Dutta*, Sabarigirish K.**, Sunita Patil***, Debmita Dutta****, Sanjeev Saxena*****, Siddeshwar K.G.******, Lohith B.R.*******
Download Available
Situs Inversus Totalis with Chronic Tonsillitis
  Ruta Shanmugam*, A. Swathi**, R.G. Mariappan***, V.U. Shanmugam****, Balaji Swaminathan*****, Prem Nivas******
Download Available
Capillary Hemangioma of Gingiva Mimicking as Pyogenic Granuloma
  V.U. Shanmugam*, Usha Praveen Kumar**, R. Prem Nivas***, Ruta Shanmugam****, R.G. Mariappan*, Balaji Swaminathan*****
Download Available
Study on Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Effect of Adenoidectomy on Hearing Threshold and Middle-Ear Pressures
  V.U. Shanmugam1, Vidyachal Ravindra2, Ruta Shanmugam3, Prem Nivas4, R.G. Mariappan1, Balaji Swaminathan5
Download Available
Cemento Ossifying Fibroma of Maxilla: A Diagnostic Dilemma
  Angshuman Dutta1, V.U. Jagadeeshwaran2, Sweekritha Bhat3
Download Available
Life Saving Emergency Tracheostomy in Supervasmol Poisoning – A Clinical Experience!
  V.U. Shanmugam1, Ruta Shanmugam2, Prem Nivas3, A. Swathi4, Vidya Ravindra5
Download Available
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of Right Upper Alveolus
  Angshuman Dutta1, B.G. Chaithra2, K.G. Siddeshwar3
Download Available
Pyogenic Granuloma - Presenting as Midline Swelling of Tongue
  Ruta Shanmugam1, V.U. Shanmugam2, Prasanna Kumar T.3, Prem Nivas4, P. Viswanathan5, Vidyachal Ravindra6
Download Available
Study on Dimensions of Nasal Columella to Aid Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
  Siddapur G.K.*, Siddapur K.R.**
Download Available
A Rare Case of Co-Existence of Second Branchial Fistula and Thyroglossal Cyst
  Angshuman Dutta*, Santosh Kumar**
Download Available
Abnormal Location of Natural Maxillary Sinus Ostium
  Praneeth Potluri*, Saurabh Varshney**, Manu Malhotra***
Download Available
Interesting Case of an Atypical Aural Polyp
  Nitin Ravindra Ankale*, P.R. Malur**, Utkarsh Anand**, Rajesh R. Havaldar***, Ashutosh Prasad***
Download Available
Fungal Rhinosinusitis with Orbital Involvement: A Successful Endoscopic Management
  Anilkumar S. Harugop1, Jahnavi2, Suhasini3, Sindhu Narahari4, Reshma Susan Mathew5
Download Available
Study on Nasal Columellar Show with Photographic Technique
  Geetha K Siddapur1, Kishan R Siddapur2
Download Available
Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Audiometry and its Role in Clinical Practice
  Saurabh Varshney1, Prateek Varshney2
Download Available
Tobacco Control: SWOT Analysis - Uttarakhand State
  Saurabh Varshney1, Prateek Varshney2
Download Available
Mucocele of Maxillary Sinus with an Idiopathic Cause: A Frequently Misdiagnosed Entity
  Puneeth S Nayak1, Suhasini2, Reshma Susan Mathew3
Download Available
Current Treatment Option of Osteoma in the Mastoid of the Temporal Bone
  Hukam Singh1, Sangeeta Singh2
Download Available
Mobile Phone and Auditory Effects? Time to Think
  Saurabh Varshney1, Prateek Varshney2
Download Available
Unusual Anteriorly Placed Sigmoid Sinus: A Rare Case Report from Uttarakhand (India)
  Shubhankur Gupta1, Manu Malhotra2, Madhupriya3, Abhishek Bharadwaj4, Saurabh Varshney5, Amit Tyagi6, Amit Kumar7
Download Available
Prospective Study of Myringoplasty in Children
  Dinesh Kumar Sharma1, Sangeeta Aggarwal2, Shalu Jindal3, Babita Ramdev4
Download Available
Effectiveness of Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy and Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Chronic Rhinosinusitis
  Nitin R Ankale1, Rajesh Radhakrishna Havaldar2, RN Patil3
Download Available
Evaluation of Adenoid Hypertrophy by Lateral Radiograph for Nasopharynx and by Rigid Nasal Endoscopy: A Prospective Comparative Study
  Abdul Azeez Vallur
Download Available
Comparison of Facial Nerve Injury and Recovery Rates after Antegrade and Retrograde Nerve Dissection in Superficial Parotidectomy Surgery for Benign Parotid Disease
  Hukam Singh
Download Available