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Journal Title ISSN(p) ISSN(e) Current Freq. Old Freq.  
Indian Journal of Anatomy 2320-0022 2455-622X Bi-Monthly Quarterly
Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology 0974-505X 2455-2348 Semiannual Quarterly
Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2321-1636 2455-5339 Bi-Monthly Quarterly
Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice 2278-148X 2455-5320 Monthly Quarterly
International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery 0975-0223 2455-5312 Quarterly Semiannual
Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry 0975-0576 Irregular Quarterly
Journal of Social Welfare and Management 0975-0231 2456-0871 Triannual Quarterly
New Indian Journal of Surgery 0976-4747 2456-0863 Bi-Monthly Quarterly
Pediatric Education and Research 2321-1644 2455-4871 Triannual Quarterly
Indian Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia 2349-8471 2455-6238 Monthly Quarterly
Indian Journal of Emergency Medicine 2395-311X 2455-8370 Quarterly Semiannual
International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics 2322-0775 2455-569X Triannual Semiannual
International Journal of Pediatric Nursing 2454-9126 2455-6343 Triannual Semiannual
Journal of Medical Images and Case Reports Irregular Semiannual
Journal of Organ Transplantation Semiannual Triannual
Ophthalmology and Allied Sciences 2454-7816 2455-8354 Tri-Annual Semiannual
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery 2454-7123 2455-8303 Quarterly Semiannual
International Physiology 2347-1506 2455-6262 Tri-Annual Semiannual
Journal of Orthopaedic Education 2454-7956 2455-8338 Tri-Annual Semiannual
Community and Public Health Nursing 2455-8621 2455-863X Triannual Semiannual
Indian Journal of Trauma & Emergency Pediatrics 2348-9987 2455-5517 Quarterly Triannual
Women on the Earth 0973-984X 0974-1941 Irregular Quarterly
Meat Science International Irregular Semiannual
Journal of Nurse Midwifery and Maternal Health 2454-7506 2455-8389 Triannual Semiannual